Thursday, March 19, 2020

Fiber Junkies March 2020

Fiber Junkies met recently for a fun day as the home of Susan Lee. First stop is always Show and Tell. Gen has been working on this beautiful piece done with fused fabric and lots of embellishment.

She also recreated it in paper which Gen loves to work in...just easier on her hands.
I just loved this picture of Gen and had to post it...She's 91 years young...has more energy and enthusiasm than anyone I know and always a joy to be around. Isn't she amazing!

 Mary showed us the most darling quilt featuring a whimsical pelican...Notice the fish in his mouth. I particularly loved the black and white pieced creative and just enough interest without taking away center stage from our pelican friend. I'ld say it's pretty darn perfect!  It's one of those "I want to take it home" pieces.

And onto our project for the day....

You know sometimes you have old blocks, or blocks left over from a project or just a practice cloth you use before you dive into the quilting or other important stitching.
We started using them with paint which was brushed over the surface...and then used to create other things. We use any kind of paint some of which include house and room paint and fabric paint.......and yes any paint (even fabric paint) will stiffen the fabric as it lays on the surface rather than a dye which is a chemical reaction to become "one" with the fiber.
 We also use a brayer to pick up the paint which has been poured into an old styrofoam tray or onto a  plexiglass board.
Using a brayer and a very light touch, we brush the paint over the surface....a light touch prevents the paint from getting into the nooks and crannies...but just skims the surface giving the piece lots of peaks and valleys. It's such an interesting effect. You can paint any size - mine on the lower right...I like the flowers and the way the yellow was left behind in the "valleys"...also love the web on the left. Kate, one of our members makes them into beautiful book many things you can do...So another wonderful day with great friends.

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