Sunday, March 1, 2020

SAQA - Mountain Art Quilters

The Mountain Art Quilters which is a satellite group of SAQA for NC and VA met last week for a morning of fun, inspiration and the added plus of a wonderful demo by Jenny Perry.

First thing we do is our Show and Tell...this is a very talented and busy group and there is always so much to see....I apologize ahead of time....we saw so much and so quickly, I didn't get the artist who made the piece....So if you see a piece that is yours and no name, please let me know so I can add it. Above is Norma Bradley....who does a lot of work in sheers.
The beautiful piece above, very geometric and African in theme brought excitement to the room...Love everything about it, but especially the way the circles were used so effectively. The 2 below belong to Norma B again and again a very interesting use of sheers.

These darling mini art pieces were done by Jo-Ann Jensen. It's a lovely way to use up scraps and also try a new technique, thread etc...with not a lot of time or materials invested into something you may or may not like. Jo-Ann was able to buy little stands for the back which I think she purchased separately...and such a great and easy way for making them stand

This was a piece Lynn D did (which I loved).....I call it a memory piece as she used it to display those tiny treasures that end up in drawers or jewelry boxes, yet we can't part with them. I particularly love the Girl Scout pin...I still have mine....and the NY Yankees pin is priceless...think she also put old earrings and pins on it to display...
Then onto the wonderful presentation from Jenny who showed us how she paints on fabric the "Esterita Austin" way - a workshop she took from Esterita.
Above is the finished piece....but she starts with a large piece of parchment paper, twice the size of the design she is painting. A photo of a pansy was the inspiration for a drawing she made to use as a pattern. The pattern was laid under the parchment paper and using the photo as a reference, the design was filled in with paint on the parchment paper - wrong side of paper facing up.

Here Jenny is laying paper down over her drawing of the design and on right a pearlized paint Jenny will add to those paints that are not pearlized or metallic. This one below right is a white pearl. Jenny highly recommends using all pearlized paints and those that are not can be made into one by adding some white pearlized paint.
She also suggests tracing around the edge (when painting is done and dry) with a Sharpie "brush tip" marker...she likes black. It gives the piece a stained glass look.

After paint is dry, you're going to layer the painted image with a piece of Misti-fuse and a piece of Esterita's sheer nylon with parchment on top and a sandwich...iron to fuse together and remove paper when cool...This sounds so backwards to me, but it's a fantastic technique and works...
Your painted piece is ready to be added to your quilt. Jenny's finished piece is on top and friends of hers below....all were beautiful....such a great fun day and a big thanks to Jenny for sharing the technique with us.

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