Friday, February 13, 2009

More about Faces From the Past

Here are some details of my newest piece - Faces from the Past. This is one of the baskets sitting by the door; it was printed on a coarse linen which I really like for the rough texture. Depending on what I'm doing, clarity of an image in printing is not always a top priority; sometimes the coarser weaves provide more interest.
My family were "savers" and how lucky for me. This is a page from my mothers autograph book, remember those? They were very popular way back when. This page dated 1933 was written by a man with the most beautiful handwriting. Little did he realize that this message would be used in a piece of art someday. I love the significance of that. The page was copied and made into a silkscreen.
This is an old postcard written to my grandmother; it uses her maiden name;  since she was married in the early 1900s, I figure it to be around 100 years old - another little piece of history. I made this into a silkscreen also and placed it upside thinking it to be more interesting. The picture of the man is a drawing my son did of no one in particular - thought it was a great face.

This door has a picture of my grandmother in the window, created by layering in Photoshop.


  1. Photos look great Judy.....of course since I've seen this stunning piece in simply reminded me to try some of your fabulous photo transfer ideas! You are now an official blogger....we'll all enjoy learning from you!
    Mary Stori

  2. Your photos look great.....everyone will benefit by seeing the creative ways you incorporate images into your quilts.
    I knew you could do it.
    Mary Stori