Monday, February 16, 2009

Off to the Windy City

Well, I'm off to Chicago for 4 fun filled and informative days with Bernina. I'm part of the Bernina Resource Program. They have a reunion every year for the artisans.  We get to see (and play with) the latest and greatest of Bernina. Their newest baby - the 830 came into being a short time ago. It's quite amazing and I'm hoping we get some time with this "baby", will definitely keep you posted.One of the fun activities is a challenge/ This year we're to create something using a purchased (second hand) denim shirt, no more than $10 on doo-dads and 1 hour of our time. I had leftover appliques from a quilt, fused them on and added some polka dot binding and viola! I love recycling!

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