Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lunching in the Treetops

During the course of our Fiber Junkies meeting we stop for lunch - of course!  Carol often brings a bottle of her home-made wine - YUM! Her husband thinks we should rename ourselves Fiber Freaks and puts that on the bottle. I personally like Fiber Junkies but the wine with either name is still delicious.
We sat on Vals deck which is in the treetops. You can practically reach out and touch the branches. Looking down on one side gave me this view - scaaarrrrry,
or this.
The view while eating was breathtaking; you can see all of downtown Asheville.

One of the trees had these huge leaves - as big as dinner plates. Wish I was close enough to pull one off.
During lunch, we do a "show and tell" which is always inspiring. Patsy showed us a piece she finished. She initially didn't like the yellow although we all did so we told her to repeat it in the border and stitching, which she did. It looks great and the machine quilting as always is wonderful!
Some beautiful dyed fabric - I think it was the new Radiance which is a silk and cotton blend so the dye reacts differently depending which side you look at (silk or cotton).

Nancy showed us a tone on tone she dyed and thought it had some interesting results from back to front.

Carol brought us her latest pieces which were filled with detail - so much fun to pour over.

Great fun!

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  1. Fiber Junkies with their own private wine fun is that!!