Sunday, July 25, 2010

Screening with the Fiber Junkies

What a great, fun-filled and informative day. Our Fiber Junkies met Thursday at member Val McGaughey's house in her garage where she has the most unique set-up for silk screening. In the morning, we burned screens with a table created/built by her daughter Molly. In the afternoon, I led the group with improvisational screening. Val showed us how to make an effective "print table" using 1" foam on top a table. We have the store "Foam and Fabric" near by, so there's no problem getting the foam.
After the foam is down, a vinyl on one side - flannel fabric on the other was placed on top with the vinyl side up. It resembled those inexpensive table cloths you find at chain stores. Then to top it off, covered with a plain light colored cotton fabric.
Scrubbing a screen is the first step. Even though it's new, it still needs to be scrubbed with an abrasive type cleaner and plenty of water.
And rinsed really well with a hose. The pressure of the hose gets off any residue from the cleaner.
The screen is allowed to dry before "painting" on an emulsion - Ulano TZ used in burning the screen. Propped up, makes it easier to apply this mixture.
A thin coating is applied to front of screen and gone over with a squeegee to make sure it's even.
Not expecting that color
This mixture is very "light sensitive" and must be protected from the light so it's stored in a dark place to dry.
Next the image is prepared for burning. Using a transparency is a good way to go but you can also cut something out of black construction paper.
And here is the table - the magic table. I want one really bad! I think I've already talked my husband into making me one for Christmas - what a guy!
It uses 6 - 250 watt light bulbs to burn the screen.
And a fan at one end to offset the heat of the lightbulbs.
The transparency is laid down along with the silk screen and covered with a black cloth and heavy book.
The clock is set for 4 minutes - enough to burn the image. Immediately after it's done, the screen is rinsed to reveal the burned image
and dried - soon to be ready for printing.
Ready for screening, Val uses Pro Chems color concentrates which screen beautifully.
A multi-colored print - nice!
Stay tuned for more wonderful prints, our lunch in the treetops with Fiber Junkies wine and improvisational screening.

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