Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree

Black Friday for us is usually "Christmas Tree" shopping. We avoid the malls, the crowds and the crazies. We drive up north of Asheville to a little town called Pineola. Pineola along with many other small towns in that area is Christmas tree country - it's a magical place. Farm after farm loaded with trees, all with the potential to be cut and become a beautiful focal point for many homes during this holiday season. For years, we had a real tree; then upon moving to Florida, we had to go the way of artificial. It was a lovely tree, but I missed the smell of pine and "realness" of a live tree. In Atlanta we had a real tree, but one we purchased locally. Now, in North Carolina, and surrounded by Christmas tree farms, we have the fun of picking one, having it cut on the spot and bringing it home - as fresh as any tree could be. Our Christmas tree shopping day was perfect with gray, overcast, wintery skies, a bit cold and just enough people to make it festive and "Christmas-y".
As we drove in, every tree became our "favorite"; there were so many to choose from. We remembered to bring our orange tape to mark our favorites and realized very quickly, many other people did the same - need to choose a new color tape next year.
Everywhere you look are beautiful trees. If you don't find one, there's always the next farm right down the road, but we found lots and finally narrowed it down to two trees.

And hubby had to stand next to them to get an idea of height and if they would fit in our family room.
So we decided on the second one; 2 young men walk around with a chain saw ready to cut and put it on top of your car.
And shortly after leaving we came upon another car with their Christmas tree wrapped in a QUILT! I couldn't believe my eyes.
On the way home, John was worried our tree might fall off the car and wanted me to watch out the back. No way am I riding the whole way home, watching out the back. So voila!, I knew our sunroof would come in handy - opened up, even in the winter! John admitted this was definitely a clever idea (as I say smugly with a grin)!
Enjoy every moment of this wonderful season.

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  1. Can not wait to see how your going to decorate the tree!