Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mushroom Progress

I've been grabbing moments to work on my mushroom piece - I posted a while back, the images that were created with the deconstructive screenprinting technique and real mushrooms. I liked the fabric but very subtle and thought it needed a little something more. I dyed this piece below which works well with the mushroom print but it's still a little flat - some silk screening on top is a possibility.
My friend Val has some wonderful silk screens, my favorite is one she did with cheesecloth to create an image and she did one for me! I absolutely love it and can see myself using it over and over for texture.
I decided to discharge color rather than add it so I thickened discharge paste with sodium alginate. Ordinarily, the paste is thick enough and doesn't spread but for screening, it needs to be even thicker. I screened it onto the fabric and let it dry.
Now for the fun part, to put on a nose mask, and iron, iron, and iron some more. The more you iron, the more color is removed.
You can stop whenever you feel it's to the degree of lightness you want. Rinse and it's done, ready to be used. What a fun texture this screen gives.
I had some other fabric I also wanted to perk up so I did a small portion of the cheesecloth on top.
I also mixed up some paint and using my favorite "stamp/stencil", I screened some areas on the mushroom print. I rescued this favorite stencil of mine at the construction site when our house was being built. It's used in tile work and I use it on just about everything.
It's very subtle, to the right and left of the mushroom.
It's such a fun little tool.
I did some dry brush work on some other fabric, using a dry brush and very little paint. I lightly brushed more color to pull in the blue.
And I still needed another blue fabric so I prepared a piece of plexiglass with the same paint that was used with the stencil,
did some markings in the paint and laid the fabric on top. I used a brayer on top to ensure a good connection with the painted surface.
And the finished piece.
Now I can start cutting and rearranging to see how all this goes together and what will work with what, so let the games begin!

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  1. You gotta know how much I love that last piece of's just my kinda design!