Saturday, December 18, 2010

Running a Million Miles an Hour

This time of year is crazy, I know for everyone but want to share a couple of things. Last week, we had our annual PTA Christmas party at the home of Georgia Bonesteel. Her home was magical and filled with the holiday spirit. The food divine and the company as always just the best. What a great group of ladies always ready for lots of laughs and good fun. After the eating, visiting etc. we had our Yankee swap/white elephant - it goes by lots of names but basically you wrap up something you don't want anymore. Someone picks it from the pile or can take another gift already opened. There's always a couple that are favorites - something everyone wants. Another thing we did which was great fun was inspiration stories from old Saturday Evening Posts Georgia had laminated. We were each given 4-5 covers for inspiration and were to come up with a story from our past to share. It was great fun and a great memory jogger. The picture below was one I had to work with - some good old babysitting stories came out of this cover.
And as far as the White Elephant swap, I got the prize. Actually, my good pal Mary Berry wound up with them, but knowing how much I wanted them, she presented them to me at the end of the day. What a sweetie! Are you wondering what they are?
Georgia put these in the swap; they were given to her by an Eskimo while in Alaska some time ago. They are hand blown glass balls used as buoys to keep the fishing nets afloat. I fell in love with them and am so glad for such nice friends to A. put them in a Yankee swap to begin with and B. having a friend who is nice enough to give them to me!
A Happy day.

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