Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A White Christmas

I love a White Christmas and especially love it when the snow falls gently as opposed to a blizzard, when the snow covers enough to be pretty but not so deep we become stranded, when the snow starts early in the morning, falls all day making the day magical and then stops at the stroke of midnight so the next day is manageable.
I woke up early Christmas morning - no snow even though it was predicted - bummer! But then it started at 8 am - a soft beautiful snow, coming down steady but not hard. I took some photos during the day as it started to accumulate quickly. The prediction of 1-3 inches was changing rapidly. An early morning dusting at @ 8:30 showed the promise of things to come.
And an hour later I'm thinking a good thing I bought sleds the day before.
And by noon, it was perfect, okay now it can slow down or stop for a while!
But it just kept coming.
When I went to bed at midnight - still coming down!
But so pretty
So we're stranded but we're well stocked with food and fabric - what more could I ask for!


  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. So glad you don't have to get out for a while.

  2. Judy absolutely beautiful. We are in Charleston and yes it snowed here the day after Christmas. Didn't stick through. Miss seeing you.