Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fiber Day Kids

Fiber Day at the Folk Art Center last Saturday was such a fun day and and working with the kids was great. I used to be a teacher many years ago and forgot how much fun working with little ones can be - especially when it's something they like to do. The kids all got a chance to marble a piece of fabric. I had 2 trays set up, a rake and some hair curler picks which served as a stylus. They picked their colors - most all of them wanted to use ALL the colors and then they dove right in, like they had been doing this all of their lives.
Kids are so spontaneous and all did a wonderful job raking the patterns.
This little girl was absolutely adorable - she was very sure of herself and knew exactly what she wanted to do! She also wanted to stay and marble with me all day - I would have loved that. She did come back several times to do more prints!
And with great results!
The most fun part was in the end - drumroll please, when I had them pick up the corners to show all the onlookers the results and of course everyone cheered and clapped!

We had kids of all ages and even some moms who did it along side of very little ones (who wanted their mom there as a security blanket)
And another Wow! Moms came up with some clever ways to use their fabric - decorative patches on clothing, book covers, bookmarks.
It was wonderful fun for me, the kids and all the onlookers.

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