Monday, July 18, 2011

AQS Knoxville Show - We Did It!!!!

I know I've talked about my PTA group many times -  a great group of very talented, sharing and fun-loving ladies. Every year we enter the challenge through the American Quilter's Society show in Knoxville and every year we go and every year we don't win.....EXCEPT.... for this year. Our PTA group took a third place with their challenge pieces depicting Sunrise/sunset. For this challenge AQS sets size specifications but the rest of the challenge is up to the individual group. Our group decided on the theme of Sunrise/sunset and the use of black fabric somewhere in the piece. Each group has their own row which gives the viewer a good sense of what the challenge is about. Our row looked great! - so on with the show. Kate Weston designed this wonderful piece - "Sunset Cruise".
Dort Lee created "Morning Milking" with some beautiful shadowing to capture the feel of early morning.
Janice Maddox created this colorful quilt - "Here Comes the Sun".
Lynne Harrill did "Jocassee Sunrise", what a wonderful effect of the sun shimmering on the water.
Mary Berry did this wonderful piece - "Conundrum - Sunrise/sunset".
Mary Stori created "Pine Ridge at Dawn". I love the patchwork backdrop.
Barbara Swinea created this lovely piece - "Sunrise Silhouette".
Linda Cantrell created this very colorful piece -"Under African Skies". Linda taught in Africa awhile back and perhaps was influenced by their beautiful skies.

Congratulations PTA -ers - you did a fantastic job!

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