Friday, July 8, 2011

Gallery Walk

To continue our wonderful day at Biltmore Industries, we were treated to another tour of the building which houses the history of Biltmore Industries. Jerry's wife, as knowledgeable as Jerry gave us a tour, a quick history lesson and an interesting video to watch.
This room held many of the "homespun" textiles created during that time period. They were given that name because they were spun at home which I still hear today.
This beautiful jacket was made from hand woven fabric.
Being a clothing person who loves wool, I was totally taken with these wonderful samples of cloth made during the different time periods - this one the 1940s.

It was then onto the studios....Twice a year, the artists at Grovewood, open their studios to the public. It's wonderful to see their space and the amazing tools they work with.
The Portfolio Metal Works studio houses beautiful jewelry. All the artists were in their studio - such great fun to meet them.
Daniel Essig makes wooden and sculptural books - that description doesn't do it justice. I first met Daniel when I lived in Atlanta. My friends and I loved to attend the American Craft Council Show every year. Daniel was always there and quickly became our very "favorite" artist and always the first person we went to see.
Little did I realize that someday I would be living in the same town as Daniel and could see his work all the time! His work is displayed like you see below - each one on a pedestal. You could pour over each one for hours noticing the wonderful detail that goes into each piece.
They are truly magnificent!

And these beautiful wall sculptures.
If you're ever in Asheville, take a day to visit this part of town and the Grovewood Gallery which features the work of so many wonderful artists in this area.

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