Thursday, August 11, 2011

PTA Meeting Today

We had our PTA meeting today at Mary's and were greeted by this....
along with these wonderful flowers displayed in individual glass tubes set in a bed of rocks inside an interesting wooden tray - just loved it!
Now I'm on a quest to find these little glass tubes. Thanks Mary for inspiring me - now I'll have to add one more thing to my "to do" list!

Gen showed us this new product - it replaces the gelatin plates you make with Knox gelatin. This one is permanent, can be cleaned and used over and over. It's really cool and I'm thinking I may have to invest in one as I love monoprinting!

Linda is always off on a new adventure where her quilting is concerned. She has been reading fairy tales on line - the European ones from France and other places. The images as well as the story have been sometimes wonderful, sometimes spooky the way fairy tales can be BUT they are also public domain, even bettter. So they have become the inspiration for a series she is working on using these stories.
This next one is my favorite and beautiful in person; it's about an evil ogre, a brother and a princess who has lost her crown. You can see the crown in amongst the flowers in the lower right. I think Linda said she cut close to a thousand flowers for the bottom - each individual.

We have all been invited to be part of the Tiffany exhibit being held at the Biltmore House in Asheville. The Deerpark restaurant which has a nice gallery space is holding the quilts. Antler Village is holding the actual Tiffany glass items. This is Dort's quilt for the "stained glass" piece to be used in the quilt part of the exhibit.
Dort is one of the most prolific artists I know - always creating new and wonderful things. This next series is from fabrics her children have given her. She loves birds and this is her Homage to our Feathered Friends - quite wonderful and the wonderful backgrounds. I love this little guy/girl and the way we are looking down on him.
And this one ready to take flight with his wing hanging off the edge.
A great day - great fun - great company and a very yummy dessert provided by Mary.

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