Saturday, June 23, 2012

More Alaskan Adventures

I have so many beautiful photos of such a beautiful place - not quilt related but some great inspiration for quilts. I always loved little houses on the side of a hill, especially when they are painted different colors - what a good idea for a quilt. Below is Juneau - first stop on our cruise and the capital of Alaska. It's not very big for a major city. Another interesting fact - there are roads throughout Juneau but they end there. We were told there's only 3 ways to get to Juneau - by boat, plane or birth canal (-:    
 The day we were in Juneau we went to the Mendenhall Glacier which was beautiful and also a beautiful day.
 We also took a boat to go whale watching. Orcas don't stay in Alaska year round unlike the Humpback whale which does. The Orca's had just arrived to these waters, they were so playful.  It was so exciting to see them in their natural habitat. We also saw lots of Humpbacks and Sea Lions.
 The mountains around were breathtaking and so massive.
 Skagway was another lovely city and again, pretty little houses on the hillside.
 One of my favorite side trips was on the White Pass Summit Railroad - the original route used during the gold rush.
 As we moved further and further up, it got colder and colder and more beautiful with each turn of the bend.
A fun perspective from here to the front of the train.
 We went all the way to the border of British Columbia - 5 flags - US, British Columbia, Alaska, Yukon and Canada.
 And the trees were so beautiful in the mist. This will definitely be a silk screen.
 And quilting is alive and well in Alaska! A beautiful shop!
More adventures to follow and pretty soon, it's back to my studio.

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