Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bobbin Work and Butterflies

I'm working on some samples for an upcoming workshop - same technique - different project.  I've always loved to do bobbinwork and usually do a sampler when I teach the workshop.  However, this time around, I thought having a small wallhanging to bring home might be fun.  I applied the same techniques to 2 different projects - a butterfly and a parrot (a very handsome parrot named Herbie).  To do bobbinwork, you need to use a heavier thread in the bobbin - one that doesn't work on top as it won't fit through the needle - any needle of any size.
 One of my favorite threads for bobbinwork is Candlelight by YLI. I know there are other brands - Madeira has Glamour and Ricky Tims has one; they all work equally well.  I've just used Candlelight for so long, love the colors and how it lays on the fabric.  Unlike many heavier threads, it's very soft and doesn't affect the hand of the fabric.  You can also use it in your bobbin case, often without any tension adjustment.  If you do need to adjust the tension, use a designated bobbin case.
 I fused the pieces down and marked them on top with a thread in the bobbin that will show on the wrong side.  This is the marking I will follow to do bobbinwork. The far left is marked for doing bobbinwork; the part on the right has already been stitched with heavier thread.
 I sew from the wrong side so the heavier thread appears on the right side - make sense?
 My favorite thing to use is a decorative stitch; it really stitches pretty in the heavier thread.
 I choose a stitch that's symmetrical and not too wide as it's easier to do from the wrong side.
 I also love to do bobbin beading which is done with Candlelight and a black thread on top to make it look like beads, not the real thing, but a pretty effect.
 So my little guy is almost done and it's time to start on Herbie the handsome birdie.
More on my other favorite thread, next time!