Friday, July 13, 2012

More Marbling

I have more marbled fabric to share, I'm getting ready to wash it out - to get out the excess alum and methyl and soften up the pieces.  One of the most fun fabrics we used was a "white on white" stripe on sheer. Kate brought yards and yards of it to share; it marbled beautifully and the stripes were so obvious.  The fact that it was sheer was an extra plus, so good for layering or putting through the printer.
 I did lots of veining which is my favorite thing to do. This is a heavily veined piece, lighter veining I would print an image over using my inkjet.
 I really liked this piece. I was tempted to do something over it but felt it was busy enough.
 This piece was printed on one of my favorite "fabrics" - soil separator cloth" from Home Depot.  It's very sheer and resembles pattern duplicating material from fabric stores.
 This next piece (below) resembles the Stonehenge series which I really like and use a lot.  I like the white running through it. Where there was no paint, the white fabric popped through.
 This was one of the first pieces I did demonstrating some of the more traditional patterns using rakes and creating feather like designs. I really thought it needed more and did WHAT ELSE, but some veining on top to give it dimension and make it look less traditional.
 And a detail - looks better with some veining.
 I remember years ago having a favorite color made by Deka called Blueberry. I don't know why it suddenly came to me but halfway through our marbling, I mixed up a batch and used it the rest of the time. I think everyone else did also.
 I didn't like this piece that much but then splattered some Flow Release on top which makes the paint spread and form little circles.
And still more to come....

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