Monday, August 6, 2012

Burmilana - My Other Favorite Thread

It's certainly been a crazy, roller-coaster kind of week with the arrival of my first grandchild and so much going on.  My cousin who is a pediatrician says "it's amazing how these little newborns so unknowingly can turn your whole world upside down in an instant. "Wow - How true!
    So here I am back in my studio, getting ready to head out to Atlanta to help my daughter and wanted to get some things together to bring and work on, I also needed to finish this workshop sample.  I know I was talking about Candlelight thread in a recent post, very favorite thread of mine. Here's another favorite -  Burmilana made by Madiera. I think they've now shortened it to "Lana". It's part wool and mostly acrylic, but has the look and feel of wool.  I love doing bobbinwork with it but especially love the buttonhole stitch that my Bernina does - it's elegant! 
 I have tons of it; when I find something I love, I buy every color. This spool is the original shape spool it came in, the spools now are more user friendly for machines.
 This is one bin - one of two I have; I'm in love with this thread!
 It works well in the bobbin to use for bobbin work, BUT, you can also use it in the top of your machine with a large eye needle.  I found the one that works best and probably the only one with an eye big enough to accommodate this thread is a Topstitch needle in size 16.  Topstitch needles have really big eyes. You'll have to use the old fashion needle threader to get it through the eye, but really easy to do.
 Probably the only downside to using this thread is the fuzz it creates underneath the throat plate area.  You should clean it out every few hours or so to prevent buildup.
 I use a Q-tip and machine oil, moisten the tip with some oil AND... Voila - there go the Fuzzies plus the added bonus of adding a little oil to that area of your machine - a plus - plus in my book!
 This thread is so worth the effort, it really has a presence on the surface - nothing subtle about it,  it's lovely and so much fun to work with.
So on another note, I'll be off to Atlanta again this week. My daughter is needing some help and also some TLC and I can't wait to get my hands on that cute little granddaughter.
Thanks so much for hanging in there with me; I don't know when I'll be back - kind of open-ended right now, but promise to return soon as I can.
Til next time...

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