Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Walk in Cabbage Town

I'm visiting my daughter and new granddaughter who is 1 month old already. We take many walks - even in Hot-lanta, but mornings and evenings are good and fall feels just around the corner. Walking in Cabbage Town where my daughter lives is an "art experience" - a very eclectic neighborhood - no home owner's association, no dues, just an interesting group of people doing their own thing. I've passed many "arty" homes, some I stop and take a second look at. One of the homes had this wonderful old door - I love old doors, almost as much as trees and will use this one in my work 
 I love the peeling paint with layers of color underneath.
 And the grating on top, think I need to go back and get a closer look at that.
 I love the face in this tree, kind of catches you off guard as you walk by.
 I'm always in the market for moss, especially growing up from brick walkways.
 Oh my - Alfred Hitchcock living right down the block.
 I love winter trees (this taken a while back) especially when you can see all the abandoned nests.
 This was a little creepy to me - walked by this one quickly
 An upside down bathtub with the old claw and ball feet.
 And a pair of legs - in the garden.
 Loved this "planter" built into part of the stoop.
 This was my absolute favorite - beaded flowers right at the edge of the house which was near the sidewalk. Years ago, this was one of the many crafts I dabbled in and have fond memories of making lots of them. I can't believe I stumbled onto a garden of them.
 After seeing the flowers, I went home and checked through a bin of old craft books - Yup, there they were - books on flower beading.  I used to teach in middle school and so many of the teachers during that time would get hooked on various crafts. Beaded flowers were very popular at one point;  you could find many of us walking around with our beading supplies to play with during lunchtime. I don't know why I hold onto these; just being sentimental I guess.
 And getting completely off the subject, another booklet I came across in my old craft books bin was this vest pattern - crocheted. Every teacher in school was working on one of these at some point also. Notice the price in the upper right corner - 35 cents.
Fun memories...all brought on by a walk in Cabbage Town.

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