Monday, February 4, 2013

Layered Nature-scapes Class Sample

    I'm teaching at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest in a few weeks and 2 of my 3 workshops are new ones. Bobbinwork uses a small wall hanging and the use of decorative stitches using couching thread. It's one of my favorite techniques so it's been fun to develop a new twist on it.  The other workshop is Layered Nature-scapes and new for me also. I've done a couple of samples but would like some more. This workshop is full with 25 students so it will be big fun with all the painting, sewing and room full of color. I'm anxious to see what everyone comes up with. The concept behind this project is the layering of fabrics using a sheer  over an opaque. Placing nature elements both on top of and behind the organza will give it more depth and interest. 
    Playing with base fabrics was the first step. I chose a very busy pattern which I wasn't sure would work.

 I had 2 pieces of painted sheer organza to try - one very subtle (below)
 and the other in the same colors as the base fabric but very busy.
 It looks quite different when laid over the base fabric...still very busy.
 I took both sheers,  laid the busy one over the left side and the subtle one on the right side. It's amazing how an overlay of sheer can change the whole look.
 I haven't even tried to place any nature designs on or under....I just scrapped the idea, using such a busy fabric was not going to work; I turned to my favorite fabric, the one I always fall back on - Stonehenge series by Northcott. It has the look of a granite wall.
 First I silkscreened a lacy tree on the fabric and added a fabric fern down in the corner.
 I discharged a part of a tree on the left and added more ferns, but the whiteness of the tree image was too strong.
 My son suggested I tone it down by outlining it...
 which I did and shaded it with paintstiks. I still think it's too busy but all of this playing has led me to something else - the lightbulb clicked on! - same fabric, different approach, so once again, I'm scrapping this plan, and starting over as soon as I hit the "publish" button on this blog so wish me luck, will keep you posted.

 Have a great Monday.

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  1. Hi Judy. You have designed a fabulous nature scape. I really like it. It provided me with another wonderful artistic idea. Thanks and keep posting dear!