Thursday, February 28, 2013

Felting with Fiber Junkies

Fiber Junkies met this week, finally after having to cancel twice due to weather.  Nothing was going to stop us this time, not even these beautiful ice covered trees.  

 Off we went to Gens for our meeting with our more than usual enthusiasm and anticipation.
 This magical ice covered tree right outside of Gens was breathtaking.
 We always have a Show and Tell at some point; Gen pulled these out to show.  I love this piece with the ink jet printed wall inserted between land and sky.

 This was an oldie but goodie - a gift given to her brother who's had it for years. He recently moved and changed his decor so Gen got it back. I love gifts like that especially when they boomerang back to me.
 And now for the felting. We had lots of rovings in all colors.  All we needed was a bowl of hot soapy water and a towel to catch the spills.
 We started with a small piece of batting on the inside to cut down on the time needed to felt these little balls. The batting was then covered with rovings and rolled and rolled.
 Mary showed us some gourds she recently made - split in half.  What a great idea - first thing comes to mind are buttons.
 We also had some acorn casings to hold our felted balls. They were great fun and very easy to make.
It was such a fun day and a fairly quiet activity so we had lots of time to gab and catch-up.

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