Friday, June 14, 2013

PTA - Community Quilts

Our PTA group met yesterday at the home of Janice M and as always a day of fun and productivity.  We started with show and tell before an early lunch and heading down to the studio to work.
Kate makes lots of philanthropy quilts.  She inherited these cute little kid friendly blocks and coupled with her own fabrics, made this very happy looking quilt.
Kate is also an incredible marble-er and works a lot with whole cloth prints.  The quilting on this piece is wonderful, wish I had a close up to show.  It's not yet finished but looking good.
Gen joined our trio at our annual retreat to work on a project with us.  Kate, Mary and myself always do the same thing, have a community pool of fabric and a very "brainless" project. I'm embarrassed to say I still haven't finished mine but Gen brought hers to show - quilted and bound and looking great!
Lynne had the starts of a philanthropy quilt to show and also
Linda has become a knitter but still the "class clown". While showing us her latest scarf, we were all reminded of the judges from years ago who wore the long Linda, you know the rest - had us in stitches.
So after lunch, it was downstairs to Janice's beautiful studio with lots of room to spread out and work.  We all brought 'already made' 9-patch blocks to be sliced down the middle in both directions.
We had enough to do 4 quilts.
On the wall they went ......
and the floor to see the patterning and do a little tweaking.
We had sewers, pressers, talkers, supervisors, wine drinkers and just stand by and "gopher" this and that.

And the whole time, Janice's dog looking from the outside in.....longingly, to be part of our group! meeting, we'll tie them and then present them at guild for the ongoing community quilt project.


  1. Lots to look at and be inspired by, but Linda's photo is the show stealer! lol

    1. Linda is always a show stealer...whether it's her quilts or her great sense of humor!

  2. What fun! Thanks for letting us visit a great party!