Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Woods

I've been working on some very small pieces lately.....They go together fairly quickly and I can manage to find little spurts of time to work.  I'm taking part in the Southern Highland Craft Fair this October and small is usually better. I'm also part of an online gallery - Galleribba which features the work of artists; all work must be 12" or smaller. 
For this piece - The Woods, I started with a lazer copy of a photograph of rocks.  I used an acrylic medium to coat the fabric, then laid the copy on top, piled books on top and let it sit for 24 hours.  Next I had to soak the copy/fabric in water and peel off the paper backing leaving the photo on the fabric, a little time consuming but I like the results.
I also had pictures of icicles I transferred to fabric with my printer and then cropped
I tried combinations of fabrics and some different images to screen on the rocks.  I screen images on clear plastic to lay over fabric to preview them. This one was of an old chair I really loved, but not good here.
This combination was too bold.
So I resorted to my old standby of trees to screen onto the rocks. I also added a face up in the corner. I dabbled a little green wash of paint on the rocks to pull in more green and outlined the tree with gold mylar thread for a little sparkle.
I did some screening on the strips - used lots of words.
And the finished piece.....I am linked to Nina Marie Sayres Off the Wall Friday


  1. Oh my goodness....I see some of that black and white circle dutch wax resist fabric I used in my Sunrise/Sunset quilt.
    Are we the only two quilters who had and used some of it???
    I only have one and one half circles left!

    1. Kay, I think I have around 3 circles left, so if you ever need some, I'm here for you....(-:

  2. You know I love everything you do.....and this one is no exception!!!

  3. I really love this. It has everything. Great.