Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to Pisgah Inn

Our PTA group has been enhibiting quilts at the Pisgah Inn for several years now. The Pisgah Inn is a beautiful hotel and restaurant high up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Because the parkway is a high elevation, it is subject to slippery roads during winter. The Inn closes from end of Oct until the end of March. Last week was the grand opening and we once again had the wonderful opportunity to display and sell our work.  It's a win, win for everyone. The restaurant gets a percentage and a beautiful display for patrons to see while eating. We have the chance to display and sell our work. We all decided to go to lunch yesterday to see our quilts and eat some yummy food. 
So enjoy the show....
 This a quilt I made many years ago but rarely used - not the kind of quilts I make nowadays, but  it was fun to see the progression in style.
 This is the piece I did for an international exhibit called The Everchanging River which featured 33 pieces all connected by the same river fabric and within the parameters of certain dimensions. It has traveled all over the world as part of this exhibit, the last stop being Thaiwan. Now it's time for it to find a permanent home.
 This is a small piece that Dort created and it fits perfectly in a new section they've added to the restaurant.
 And another piece by Dort and...
 another Dort I think -  very clever!
 This is a piece by Linda C - very colorful and graphic.
 A lovely piece by Janice M...
 and a black and white by Gen G
 Georgia B has a pair of quilts that are featured together.
 And a Kate piece in the foreground and Mary's yellow and black piece right behind it.  They both looked great hanging from the rods. being able to see back and front.
 Last year, the Pisgah Inn installed the ceiling rods just for us and our quilts giving us more room for dispaly.  This is a piece that Lynne H created.
 We even have quilts in the gift shop, this is by Barbara Swinea.
 We had to have our Show and Tell outside which was a beautiful day.  Connie is holding up Kate's piece for me to photograph. Kate loves green and mixes a lot of different greens in the same piece.
 The flowers on this piece are beautiful.  Kate used inktense pencils made by Derwent to create the effect. They are similar to Derwent's watercolor pencils except these are permanent and very good for fabric. I'm thinking I need to order some of these.


  1. What a great venue to display and sell your art work! Just wonderful!

  2. Thanks Robbie....we are so lucky to have this