Saturday, May 31, 2014

Studio Tour Time

I love to see studios from other fiber artists - so much inspiration and ideas for organizing and utilizing space. To continue with our Fiber Junkies meeting from last week, Denny's studio was wonderful - my head is still spinning over the many rooms and designated areas for storing and organizing. Denny uses every square inch available to her to store supplies, view fabric and in general be inspired. She has some very unique ideas for storage space....

such as the way she hangs special fabric out in  the open for inspiration. Vinyl shelving from a home improvement store and wooden rungs contain a lot of her hand dyes and one of a kind fabrics.
 Her thread collection is impressive and beautifully organized by color...
 as is her fabric. Is there such a thing as too much fabric - not a chance!
 She stores her quilts by hanging them using clip hangers and a rolling rack.
An area for designing and printing and many design walls.
 And her wet space, this was my favorite - to be able to work with dyes and wet materials without a care in the world...spills...not a problem.
 There's a huge sink to take care of that.
 Batting is stored overhead, covered and protected and ready to use when needed.

Denny has a great sewing space and has rigged up a system using bird feeding hangers with clips to hold larger quilts while quilting, how clever is that.
 And bookcases everywhere including one in the bathroom.

Speaking of which, I used the restroom and had a terrible thought - with all the wonderful rooms and twists and turns, will I ever find my way back/ Denny doesn't supply maps.  ( - :
 We had a wonderful outside workspace with plenty of overhead shelter and natural light to see colors perfectly.
and a great view while working - Wow....such a great day.

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  1. LOVE your blog and enjoying every post, thank you!!! I am drooling with you over this studio space.... I will have a longarm... :) And all that dye/wet/everything space. Love it! Enjoy for me!!!
    ~Christina in Cleveland