Monday, June 9, 2014

NC Symposium

I'm catching up on my blogposts as I've been out of town for a while, first teaching at the NC Symposium - home for a day and then off to the Quilt Symposium of Alabama. One of the workshops I taught at NC was my Layered Naturescapes. It is a fun, fun workshop to teach as you see such creativity. 
The first step was to paint a piece of silk organza which would blend with the colors of the base piece. It was a warm, muggy day so we had to use very creative ways to speed up the drying. The lawn and big bushes were used with success.

The process is so interesting, preparing the background with appliques, laying organza over it and treating it with more appliques. to get this wonderful before and after.

 This is the start of a seascape. More than one color was used to silkscreen the wavy ferns giving it more dimension.

Another before and after of a forest and dragonfly. The chosen background fabric is especially wonderful. What seemed like a "too busy" fabric turned out to be the perfect backdrop for a forest.
 I loved this piece, so simple but such wonderful leaves and the little touch of blue flowers to make it pop.
 The start of a wonderful mountain piece still waiting for the second layer.

And this lovely before and after, the way the organza was painted gives the feel of a ray of light shining down.
To go from this beginning....
to this is quite amazing.
 The start of another wonderful piece with organza in place ....and some silk screening on organza to be layered over the background.
I have more students work to share next time. I get thrills and chills at the creativity of my students - so much talent!


  1. Very, very nice pieces...thanks for the before and after(s)! Interesting for sure...again, nicely done!

    1. Hi Robbie, they were super ladies and a talented group....A teacher can't go wrong with students like these...

  2. can't wait for you to teach this at our guild.