Friday, June 13, 2014

Quilt Symposium of Alabama

What a crazy, busy 2 weeks it has been, just returned from the NC Symposium, a day at home and then onto Alabama. I never do these back to backs, these old bones can't take it but sometimes it just happens. The Quilt Symposium of Alabama was lovely down to every detail.
 The Quilts of Valor were already hung when we got there. This was a display, one in which they only expected 6 or 7 quilts and wound up with close to 30. It was impressive. Most were hung in the cafeteria of a middle school where the symposium was held...
and some on stage in the auditorium where the quilt show was being held.
 All were lovely and beautifully made to honor our men and women in service to our country.
 It gave you the chills to see them all side by side, all so different and patriotic.
 On to the workshops....One of my workshops was on bobbin work. Using a pattern of a parrot or butterfly, students fused down the applique pieces and finished the edges with couching thread and decorative stitches. This is Mary's piece who did a beautiful job with her couched stitching.

 Even though the same 2 patterns were used, each piece was so unique because of the wonderful fabric choices and color combinations chosen.
 Some even mirrored each other.
 Some used solids and others, some wild prints which lent themselves so well to this project.

I also did a workshop on Shaded Florals, using patterns of flowers, different values of fabric and Shiva paintsticks. Again, each was so individual depending on choices and every one was lovely. Dottie finished her shading (left side) making it really come alive. Dottie is also a water color artist so this was a natural for her to do. M E's is on the right. M E goes by her initials which stands for a really beautiful first name but she prefers M E. I think my husband had a nun in Catholic school with this name.  ( - : 
 Norma chose a very different color palette which turned out beautiful. Norma is a great grandmother and her many years of sewing really showed in her amazing technical skills.
This is Sherrie's and again, a wonderful and lively color palette. I've asked students to send me a picture of their finished piece and I hope they do. Once again, thanks to a wonderful group of gals who took my workshops, made me laugh and inspired me with their wonderful creativity.

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