Thursday, July 17, 2014

Leaf I

I have quite a collection of fabric from our deconstructive screen printing playdays with Fiber Junkies. I decided I needed to start using it.  
 Like many things, some pieces I love and some not so much. This one I really liked and have several versions of this that would work together.

I thought of using the 3 prints together as a long wall hanging but it was just too busy. 
I then thought of treating each as a separate piece and featuring them together might be more effective. The print was made using leaves and the deconstructive screen printing technique. As busy as it was, I still thought it needed more layering;  I ran the print through my printer to get the imagery of tree branches on top. Also adding some writing and screen printing gave it more interest. 
 I tried different combinations of fabrics to finish the print
 and settled on this which was the best solution - a little softer to focus on the print.
 I always love the opportunity to use gauze (on right); I think this piece needed it to tone it down.
 I painted up some silk organza to use as a binding...
 which makes such a pretty edge.
I mounted it on a pre-stretched canvas which is one of my favorite ways to mount small pieces. This is one of my Haiku pieces (Haiku written on back). Years ago I was in LINT (Ladies in New Textiles) a wonderful fiber group consisting of 12 fiber artists. At one of the meetings, one of the gals had a bowl with pieces of paper - noun or verb on each. We were to pick 3 and then had 10 minutes to write a Haiku incorporating those 3 words. You didn't have time to give it much thought. It was so much fun and it peaked my interest in writing them for my smaller pieces. This one is :

Trees in the shadows
embracing words in the wind
touch the leaves above

Til next time...


  1. This is lovely- the texture from the gauze really adds to this piece.

  2. very moody, all the layers so soft and ethereal. LeeAnna Paylor not afraid of color

  3. Gorgeous! I loved reading your creation process for this piece as well as watching intently the different pictures you've provided. Very interesting! I love three-dimentional pieces of art and this one would look beautiful in my dining room.

  4. Adding haiku to quilting adds so much more dimension. I love the colors in all these pieces, and I love that you found a way to incorporate poetry!

  5. Calm and peaceful. The gauze is perfect. Love your haiku, too.

  6. Perfect piece - and I love how you used the gauze !

  7. This is lovely. You made the right choice with your fabrics. Lots to look at in this piece.