Friday, July 11, 2014

NC Arboretum Exhibit

On Wednesday, I had the great fun of  hanging our upcoming exhibit at the NC Arboretum in Asheville, NC. with my two  "artist and girl" friends - Kate Weston and Mary Stori. For more information on the arboretum exhibit go to their website -
Since their were 3 of us participating, we were given the entire upper floor - such a beautiful space.
The quilts are nature related to go along with the title of the exhibit - Fiber Art and Nature - 3 perspectives.
We had lots of long walls and a great hanging system to work with.
This is Kate's "Castor Bean" -  one of my favorite pieces.
In one section, we did groupings of just our own work - this is 2 of Mary's pieces- Her "Red Trees" on the left is my other favorite. Much of our work was created using many fabrics we made at our Fiber Junkies meetings
This is a section of my work.....
and Kates.
When we left, the show was nearly finished for opening except for the wires you see hanging down from the hanging system. They will be rolled up and tucked behind each piece.
A grouping of small pieces from Kate and I.
Kate's Sunset quilt....
and another small grouping. Kate's new piece on the right uses Japanese fabrics and a kimona shape.
This is Mary's wall of wool pieces, artist hand dyed fabrics and heavily beaded - beautiful!
Another one of Mary's "fun themed" quilts...
and Kate's "Picket Fences" think I have the name wrong on that but I call it her happy quilt as it is just so happy looking.
I hope you'll stop by if you're in the area. The NC Arboretum is a beautiful place to see in and of itself but the added fun of a great quilt exhibit even better. The exhibit runs from July 10 thru Sept 28.
It was a great day and lots of fun working with Kate and Mary - 2 wonderful fiber artists and even more - wonderful friends.


  1. What a wonderful exhibit! Congrats to you three. Saw some other photos on Mary's blog as well. Hope you get lots of visitors.

  2. The exhibit looks great! And it looks like a beautiful space to show your work.