Thursday, August 7, 2014

Recyling Workshop Samples

I often revisit my workshops, evaluate them and eliminate those that are not popular and haven't been used in a while. Years ago, I did a workshop on dimensional and off the edge applique. It was well received back then but I haven't been asked to teach it in a while;  I have all these nice samples I made for class and what to do with them?
 Since our PTA group started exhibiting at the Pisgah Inn, I've had some luck selling smaller pieces so these will fit the bill.

I went back and added some screened images of critters to give more interest. I'm not a lover of bugs but these are kind of cute - a bee and...
 a fuzzy caterpillar.
 This is another sample from the same workshop with leaves hanging off the edge. The petals are dimensional. I liked the look of the bugs and decided to use them on this piece also. A caterpillar
and a dragonfly. I used a background of microwave dyed fabric to give it some visual texture and movement which I prefer to solid colored backgrounds. Hope I have the opportunity to exhibit them at Pisgah Inn. The season closes the end of October;  the inn is located on the Blue Ridge Parkway and often not accessible because of weather. If you're in the area, it's a lovely and very picturesque place to have lunch along with some nice quilts to keep you company.
Til next time...

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