Saturday, August 30, 2014

Wonderful Show and Tell

Our show and tell from our Fiber Junkies meeting was wonderful and inspiring as always. 
 Denny brought her most recent piece from her "healing series". It was incredibly moving.
 It was beautifully machine embroidered...
 and equally as beautiful on the back.
 Denny does a lot of writing on her pieces which is very appropriate to the theme of the piece.
 Val has been creating fabric to make into books; she does a lot of layering of techniques starting with dyeing, silk screening and deconstructive screen printing.
 Each one is more beautiful and we were all drooling over her wonderful talent.

Val had one of her pieces framed which I think raises it a notch.
 This is some silk screening over deconstructive screen printing.
What a great look.
Til next time....


  1. What a fun and talented group! Also see your work on Mary's blog, so there is a lot of eye candy after your meetings.

  2. Love seeing your group's work!!!! Wonderful!

  3. Thanks Robbie and Nancy...they are not only fun but so talented...lots of creative energy...always go home inspired...