Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jill's Quilt

 A couple of years ago or less, my daughter Jill bought this quilt kit because of the finished piece on display in a quilt shop. It was a great piece but I thought to myself, my daughter doesn't even own a needle and thread so hmmmm.....wonder how this is going to go together.
 Well, I found out quickly when I offered to do it and she jumped on the opportunity. It really is a wonderful piece even though I'm not prone to kits, but it would have been difficult. There were 5 pieces to each block - A, B, C, D, E,  but each letter had a different size depending on the block; Each block had to be handled individually. I've had the top done for ages, also had made throw pillows out of fabric we bought that matched some in the quilt.
 Well before the pillows wore out, I thought I needed to finish this piece. I did an overall quilt/stipple type pattern which was fine as the fabric patterns were busy.
 We chose the backing to be plain and I thought maybe to use it also as a binding, but no, it was way too light. What to do - I went to the quilt shop and bought a few I thought would work, but not so. Sometimes the best choices are right under our nose and we don't realize it.
 The scraps left over from the quilt might do, especially something dark, many tiny pieces except for this one piece which was used only once in the quilt.
 It was perfect as a binding, cut on the bias, making this strip like pattern easier to work with. And note that this was all that was left after binding this large quilt. Guess, luck was with me this day.
 The binding really was a winner for this piece....
and the final piece. I think Jill will love it. Like I mentioned before, I'm not usually thrilled with kits, but this one was darling and I love both the prints and the way they were combined.


  1. Agreed - that fabric was perfect for the binding. Great thinking cutting it on the bias!

  2. It's really neat quilt Judy - I love the tree "snapshots"! And that binding was perfect. Whoop Whoop for you!

  3. This is cute! I bought some of those same prints because I loved them but have had no idea what to use them for. This is a pretty option!

  4. I love the colors ! It is so cheerful and the binding was a perfect choice.

  5. fabulous did a great job. I agree that the binding fabric is perfect for the quilt.

  6. I really like these fabrics. she picked out a great one. you did a lovely job putting it together.

  7. Very attractive quilt. I can see the potential issues with the different sized pieces in different locations, but the effort was worth it! And your binding solution was perfect.

  8. Hello Judy,

    This is a lovely quilt, and a simple overall pattern is always a winning solution to quilting busy printed fabrics. I'm not a huge fan of kits either, but this one is a real winner. It's the trees that make it!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv