Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Pink, Purple and Sparkly all Over?

I've been busy doing non-quilting type projects but working with fabric none the less. My
granddaughter turned 3 yesterday and her celebration is this weekend. I've been making some things for her, one of which is a princess dress. She loves pink and purple and of course sparkles. The fabric is the slippery, hard to work with kind of fabric I don't enjoy, but colors she loves.
 So here is the net, the sparkly and faux satin...
 and the pattern, lower right. It's adorable. I took her measurements and made this without any fittings so I hope it works.
The finished sparkly dress heading off to Atlanta tomorrow for the big celebration. I can't wait to see my big girl - great fun! Have a wonderful weekend.
Til next time...


  1. So cute! She's sure to love it. Lucky little princess, to have a grandma to make her such a wonderful dress!

  2.'s adorable and she'll LOVE it....... Being a grandma is just the best isn't it!?!