Friday, December 18, 2015

A Very Merry PTA Christmas

Our wonderful annual PTA Christmas party took place last week at my home. I am a little behind in posting as the next morning I left for Atlanta, came back late monday and running ever since but it was a great gathering and worthy of sharing. 
 The house was clean - no dust bunnies in sight - appetizers out....
 table set...
 and everyone arriving ready to eat, drink and be merry.
 Everyone outdid themselves with the dishes they brought to share, so delicious!
 And luckily we were able to squeeeeeze everyone around the table.
 I did run out of chairs but someone brought some folding ones.
 And then onto afternoon activities. One of the most fun things we do is our white elephant. One person's trash is another person's treasure. Sometimes you really luck out and pick something nice but often it is taken by the next person in line.
 Tons of presents all shapes and sizes. We all had our numbers and eagerly awaiting our turn.
 Mary got a beautiful scarf and since I was right after her, I had the option to take hers or pick from the pile of presents. Well since I wear scarfs and loved the color - Boo on me but I took the scarf from Mary allowing her to pick something else.
 Gen seems like a happy camper.
 Janice loved the package bow and put it in her hair. She also opened a big bin of yarn which our resident knitter - Barbara, quickly took!
 Mary is working on her second go-round.
 Like I said sometimes you get lucky and get something really cute...
 like Linda...
 and Cathy.
But sometimes you have it taken away. Oh Dear - a new smock for Linda.
Hope your holidays are going well and you're taking time to smell the Holly. I'm trying my best to find those moments.

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