Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patty's Day

 I'm in a supper club and as luck would have it, my turn fell on a holiday - today, perhaps a small one but a big fun one. I was born and raised in New York and often would take the day off from whatever to go into the city to watch the parade. It's a wild place on St. Patricks day and lots of fun. I also met my husband on St. Patty's day which he doesn't remember but I do! So for tonight...

 I've made some napkins and bought some sparklys for the table.
Also found this very sparkly (and maybe a little gaudy) Leprachauns hat which opened at the top, perfect for a plant and centerpiece. I've never had a Shamrock plant - they are so pretty and light, fluffy little shamrocks...which I didn't realize close at night. I thought I had killed it when I looked at it last night but this morning, it was all open and awake. Trouble is, it will probably be asleep during dinner.
Years ago, my husband had something to go to on St. Patty's day and wanted a green I made him a very BRIGHT green tie and some scarves for myself - both will come in handy tonight.
Should be a fun night...hope yours is too!

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