Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Let the Games Begin (9th Annual PTA Retreat)

Wow. - this is the 9th year of our PTA retreat, it doesn't seem possible - something our PTA-er Mary started 9 years ago. When she first mentioned it to us, we were a little skeptical not knowing the whys and wherefores, but we warmed to the idea very quickly.  Now here we are 9 years later marking this as one of our favorite times each year. WE DO HAVE FUN!
Those of you familiar with my blog know we use a community room during the day for sewing, talking, laughing and eating (of course). Heaven forbid we go too long without food.  This is our community table of food. We have a separate food table for the house we stay in.
First morning, it's lots of hellos and hugs like we haven't seen each other in years when in fact it was only last week. We carve out our spot and pull out all our fabric, projects etc. for the next 3 days.
Mary acquired this wonderful drying rack from Georgia which she uses when working with strips of fabric - how clever and HOW ORGANIZED!
Lots of new projects started as well as some being finished up, even some from last years retreat.
Our "resident piecer" - Kate who is not only good but fast, started this the first day....
and voila! finished by the end of the day and more to come.
This is a piece that Georgia was finishing up very bright and tropical.
Linda has taken to knitting like a bear to honey. She claims all she has to bring to retreat is a ball of yarn and a change of clothes. She definitely wins the prize for having the least amount of stuff, but her socks are yummy...this was my favorite with the lime green accent.
Leigh Anne and Janice were working on the same pattern which I loved. The blocks were all assembled first and laid down spontaneously...no special order. The colors in this piece were lovely. I also loved the one Janice was working on but the picture was blurred unfortunately.
Dort has been working on family "mottos" for all the different members of her family. This is her family who came from Washington so the backdrop is perfect. Dort is so talented...will sit there and sketch and before you know it, it's cut out of fabric and down on the drawing board. The picture depicts Dort and her siblings growing up.
Barbara is working on several projects - this one is crazy churndash. I loved the "wonki-ness" of this block and Barbara gave us a quick demo on how to do it.
Marine who was a guest at our retreat finished up this lovely piece - all points perfect.
This is Mary's piece still in the works, it's going to be BIG. It will go on a big, high wall in her home. She's trying to decide whether to add red or not.
This is another of Georgias in the finishing up stage...
and as I promised Kates second piece...."second day...second piece" and yes there was a third day piece also. I love this one - very fresh and happy which is very typical of Kate's quilts.
And our crazy, wonderful group taking a break. Til next time.

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