Monday, April 11, 2016

A Day with the Monkey

Meet my granddaughter....she's 3 1/2.
 She's adorable. She's very busy.... AND She loves my studio.
 She loves making messes with stuff. I have a big design wall and a while back, decided to make some felt shapes. She now has the biggest flannel board ever.
 She also likes to go hunting in my cabinets and drawers. She found these - a Halloween purchase. I thought they would be great for deconsructive screen printing. Audrey thought they would be perfect on the design wall...hmmmm and where to put the little daisy flowers in her hand...
right next to each house and tree......Silly Nana!!!!
And her favorite is the 2 drawers filled with "stuff" I use for deconstructive screen printing. What a fun mess to jump in and swirl around...and she can't hurt anything. As a matter of fact, sometimes getting it messed up makes it more interesting in the printing process.
So...did we have fun.....? YES....did we make a mess?... YES and do I miss that little monkey...?  A BIG YES....but I can't say I'm not pooped by the end of the week and ready to get back to some serious sewing!


  1. Actually, I can see where the flowers add a great feel to the Halloween stencils!!! Hmmmmmmm

    1. You are so funny!!..think Audrey agrees with you....

  2. What a blessing to have her so close by… are a fun grandma!!