Monday, April 18, 2016

PTA Community Quilts

PTA met last thursday at my home for the April meeting. We had a busy day planned and I felt like a bit of a taskmaster but it was lots of fun and very productive. 
We started the day with a quick visit, some coffee and wonderful goodies brought by several gals. We then had a quick show and tell to see what everyone was up to. Kate showed us a new piece she finished, started last year at retreat. Kate, Mary and I all did the same pattern in different color ways. We have a show opening this week at the NC Arboretum and will have these 3 quilts as an introduction to the show (more to follow on our show).
 The 3 of us having been finishing up pieces for the show - featured above a piece by Kate....
 and Mary's latest - "Full Moon".
Cathy showed us a quilt she finally finished after it spending years and years on her design wall - a lap quilt made with blues and yellows - my favorite color combo!
 And Mary Berry's latest and GORGEOUS quilt, all hand done...a masterpiece!
 and a detail!
 After lunch, we headed into my studio where we worked on pre-cut kits. The same pattern used for each one, just so cute and easy to do.
 We had 3 machines going along with 2 ironing stations and a big design wall for laying out the blocks.
 Dort became our official "block designer" as she is so good with color, stepping back to get a good feel...
 and Georgia stepping forward to hold a spot on the design wall for the blocks she had just finished!
 I think we pieced together around 5 tops and more kits brought home. This (above) was my least favorite while in the scrap stage...just didn't seem like it would work but quickly became my favorite. I love the pop of orange and the plaid..who would-a guessed!
 and this - another colorful one. We also had some pastel ones - perfect for a child.
Cathy told us her husband doesn't believe she knows how to here's proof. All in a days work and a fun day it was.


  1. What a great show and tell!!!! The hand applique/quilted one has to be my favorite...I appreciate hand work of ay kind and it appear to be just beautiful!

  2. Wonderful show. You all create beautiful textile pieces.

    Would you mind sharing the pattern for the quilt all 3 of you made? It looks like it is woven, and the first picture in this post. TIA

  3. I would be happy to...I've already scanned the directions (so easy) ...if you want to share your email with me on this blog...I can email you OR you can go to my website ( and go to contact page and leave your contact info....