Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Garden Time

We made our yearly trek to Painter's Nursery last week to load up on flowers for the summer. We have lots of places for planting and although we do have perennials, we also love the annuals for months of color. Painters is only open a few months from March until July. The rest of the time is spent getting ready for the next season.
 It's huge....
 really huge...with lots of sections outside
 as well as an indoor greenhouse
 that goes on forever.
 It's hard to get out of there without dropping more money than you want to.

 They also have several outdoor sheltered areas for plants.
 This fabulous nursery is located in Old Fort in NC.  We just love it here.
 There's a place to picnic if the mood strikes you.
 What tickled me most was this "Cat Grass" with a sign that said - "For your cat to munch on while he contemplates the meaning of life"
I have just the cat in mind!

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