Friday, May 27, 2016

Marbling and Wooden Hands

In preparing for Fiber Day last week, I always make lots of extra methyl - marbling base, as it seems to go down quickly as each print removes a little more. I want to have plenty in reserve so I don't have to stop and make some...especially when eager children are waiting for their turn.
As it turned out, I had 3 extra gallons, was thinking ahead and brought containers with lids so I could bring the extra home. It doesn't always last that long (several days) before it breaks down and is un-useable, but when new and sealed, it was wonderful even after a week.
 I am working on a series for an upcoming exhibit and thought it might be fun to marble on top of Stonehenge fabric - my favorite fabric. I never have any trouble cutting into my stash but in this case...once this is's gone so I approached this very carefully. I decided the fabric (to be used as a rock backdrop) could use more veining so I did very little marbling on each.
 This is the only piece of Stonehenge I added color to, not sure I like it . I started with 3 colors dropped in the tray.
 Using a new favorite technique - that of Flow Release by Golden (30 drops to 1 cup of water) which was dropped on using a whisk allowing the paint to separate into an interesting pattern.
 Here is the finished piece which I like but I've lost the beautiful patterning of the Stonehenge fabric.
 Here is a more recent Stonehenge which I marbled using the same orangey color
 It's more obvious in person.
 This Stonehenge I used just the black, white and gray...
 treated with flow release
 and printed on top. This is more the look I was shooting for.
 And this next one
 you can see the clear marbling base and the little bit of paint I use...
 just to give a little more surface texture.
 I also went through my stash of marbled fabrics and pulled those I wasn't happy with. This was already a mish-mosh so I figured I had nothing to lose.
 Maybe a little more interesting now? The jury is still out on this one but it does remind me of being tangled in brush and looking through to an open sunny area.
 This was multi colored hand dyed, pretty but needed something..
 and I think this one was perked up a bit.

 Handling bigger pieces can be a challenge as you have to drop the center first and gently lower the sides. If the piece is too wide, this is almost impossible. Years ago, my husband being at work and not available to help, I had to come up with a way to do this. I call these my wooden hands.
The fabric is held with clothespins onto thin strips of wood. I can hold the ends and gently lower it down. Once down, the strips of wood lie on the edge of the pan (as they are longer) and I can unclip the clothespins and allow the last bit of fabric to fall on the surface.
It's been great fun....I have a paint order in; some of my newer colors include metallics (Createx air brush colors) which I've used with success before. I'm hoping to add more veining in gold or copper to give the effect of mica or another ore running through it.  We'll see what happens and will keep you posted. I'm hoping my order comes today so I have the weekend to play.

Happy Memorial Day  - have a wonderful relaxing and fun weekend...and give a big hug to your favorite soldier/s. They are so deserving of our thanks, our love and our praise...


  1. Oh yes! Now I want to come live with you!

  2. These are so nice!!!! Very nice!

  3. I love what you are doing with one of my favorite fabrics - Stonehenge! Now you need to start building up and out, adding another dimension, with embroidery?!? and stumpwork?!