Sunday, August 14, 2016


 The Fellowship exhibit opened yesterday at the main gallery of the Folk Art Center. The exhibit featured work of the members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Members chose others from the guild to work with to create an art piece, combining their skills and often very different from each other.
     There was a beautiful reception in the afternoon from 3 - 5. Artists, members of the guild and everyone present in the Folk Art Center at the time were invited to attend. Many of us brought "nibbles" and the table was glorious. We were able to get a picture of the piece that Barbara Swinea and I did together.

 Looks like we're twins...hmmmmm....did we plan that ??  ( - :
There were lots in attendance which made for great fun....The exhibit is quite amazing and if you're in the neighborhood of Asheville, NC - hope you'll drop by. It runs through Nov - more details under "exhibits" on my blog.
    What was so interesting (and wish I could have taken some pics) was the pair up of artists like a weaver and jewelry/welder artist. This piece could have been on the red carpet - seriously. The collar which was long and hung over a black woven floor length dress was over 10,000 rivets, so expertly done, it was completely drape- able. Another pairing was a batik artist and jewelry maker which featured a beautifully done piece of batik studded with beaded jewelry.
   Nikki Josheff who is the curator for all these exhibits does the most amazing job of highlighting each piece. She was looking forward to being at the opening but as Mother Nature would have her way, Nikki delivered her baby girl 6 weeks early. We missed her but know she was having her own spectacular celebration in the hospital. Thank you Nikki and a huge congratulations!
    So check out the dates and please stop by...know you'll enjoy every moment.

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