Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Marbling with Fiber Junkies Pt. 2

Lunch is always a fun time, a time to sit and chat and share our latest projects. It's even more fun when we can do it on Vals back deck. She has a breathtaking view of the City of Asheville.

You can reach out and touch the trees; it's heavenly.
Val is our truly amazing artist, the one we turn to for advice and help; you can see why. Her imagery is her own, made into silk screens. Val does a lot of faces which I think gives a haunting quality to this piece.
I love the way she did this image - a double print, done with the first color, allowing it to dry. She then shifts the screen ever so slightly from the first image and screens with a second color to create that double image effect.
Gen with her latest pieced quilt which is a lovely combination of colors.
Mary is working on a piece using fabric she created with ice dyeing. The bottom has the most exquisite lace which took the dye very well also. She's putting "Silver dollars" (we called them growing up in NY) or a money plant as Mary calls them.
Denny is doing kits, with her life being complicated right now, she wants the joy of just sewing. She has also admitted that she doesn't like to follow directions, being the very spontansous artist that she is; so these kits are helping her in that department. The above animal quilt is darling and the backing
wow, this great denim print. Looks like it's pieced...right? not so, .all one piece.
And this is part of another quilt - love the saying "I don't suffer from laziness, I enjoy every minute of it".
After lunch, a little more marbling and then clean-up. During the process of marbling, much of the paint falls to the bottom. Every time I've taught this workshop, students are convinced that you can lay a piece of fabric on it to get a print...Not so and I don't know why, it just doesn't work...BUT
we never thought of using paper which our clever Val did. The paint is allowed to dry on the surface without rinsing as with a fabric and this was beautiful. A great day with great friends...Til next time.

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  1. As always, a great show and tell. I am amazed at Val's 'face' print...wow....and all the other pieces are so wonderful!!! Each one is just a 'wow' look at that moment for me! Thanks for sharing all this talent and inspiration!