Sunday, October 2, 2016

Marbling with Fiber Junkies

Our Fiber Junkies met at Val's house in September for a day of marbling. 
Her garage lends itself to messy work and messy it was but fun. The methyl marbling base, as my kids at school used to say, felt like "Ghostbuster's Slime". It is quite slimey but does suspend the paints very well.
When it's first made, it's very clear which is a great time to do a technique as shown below.
Using an eyedropper, paint is dragged across the surface creating lines of color which expand into larger areas. It's much easier to see what you're doing when the methyl is still clear.
The fabric is quickly laid on top; you can see the possibilities this beautiful print has.
Many of us love the stones pattern which is the first pattern that forms when laying the paints down...
and printed. It still needs to be sloshed in a bucket to remove the dripping lines of excess paint and methyl but looking good.
The free form drawing with paint and a stylus was the most fun - creating a pattern or picture on the surface.
I brought rakes for everyone to try. The old traditional patterns are created by using a series of rakes. This is all I used to do but really like the more spontaneous marbling now.
Gen is busy creating the beautiful piece you see below.
This is Gen's first time at it - quite a natural I think.
and more wonderful drawing with paint on methyl..
Here is a piece I created years ago as a sample - totally UGLY but thought I might marble over it OR even better - give it to Kate. Kate has a way of turning uglies into beauties.
and here is what she did. You can see the edge of the original which was a tad too big for the tray, Good Job...Kate!
Here are all our treasures which we brought home plenty of. More to come with a fabulous show and tell in next post.

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  1. What a great time you all had! And such a productive time at that!! Some really interesting piece....