Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Let it Snow....Dyeing

We had our first snowfall of the season ....we usually don't get too many so for me it's a treat. Also the fact that I don't have to commute or go anywhere, I can stay inside and just enjoy how pretty it is. 
This is a view from my back deck at around 5:00 ...very COLD..but magical none the less.
Our raised beds...
Our birdfeeder with icicles...
And footprints of critters..
who visited us during the night.

This might be pretty in a quilt...
So while reading comments from my blog the other day, one of my gals mentioned how she might do some snow dyeing because of the storm coming in...Wow...what a good idea...So thank you Norma for suggesting that...Yes...there was plenty of snow and although I've done a lot of ice dyeing..never tried snow dyeing...It was mighty cold getting the snow...I packed it into a bucket and set up in my husbands woodworking space.
Using cat litter pans and screens...I was all set.
I had already soaked my PFD fabric in soda was dry and folded for some Shibori dyeing. After placing it on top of the screen, I covered the fabric with tightly packed snow.
I picked 3 different color ways, donned my mask and gloves and dove in. I used 3 different colors of mx powder for each piece of fabric.

I covered it with plastic to help contain the dye powder and also from making contact with the rug on top.
I hold onto old bathroom rugs with the great rubber backing. I've always used them in ice dyeing as I do that in the summer and want to keep the ice solid for as long as I can. Covering the fabric with plastic and a rug seems to insulate it. I let it batch overnight.
It was a lot of fun...great opposed to ice dyeing, when you run out of ice and have to run out and get more....when you run out of snow in your bucket....Not a Problem...just open the door..
Results to follow.


  1. How fun, I am going to try that one of these days.

  2. For someone who doesn't do snow dying on a regular basis, Judy, I am impressed by how quickly you were able to take advantage of the new snow fall with the perfect set up.