Monday, January 16, 2017

PTA - Pt 2

To continue our wonderful day with PTA...after going to the Curbside market, we ventured over to Georgia's home for lunch and show and tell.
 Georgia has a beautiful studio space with a great wall for displaying quilts. This particular quilt was made by a friend of hers...long ago and features so many wonderful "calicos" as I used to call them. It was a walk down memory lane for all of us as we pointed out the fabrics we had used also.
 This piece Georgia started at our retreat last year....went together beautifully.
 Mary is always finding new ways to use her love of felting.....she has been making votive candle holders using the battery operated votive candles inside.
 At our Fiber Junkies group Christmas party this year, we decided to do a nice white elephant...Mary picked this gift which turned out to be perfect for her...This beautiful piece of felt was made by Val and Mary turned it into a lovely small wall hanging.
 Mary B has been busy finishing up projects...this very whimsical piece is almost finished.
 Once a week, Mary goes to her church for a creativity day. They have been working on creating collages based on a Bible verse...This is the cover of the book...The collage pics didn't turn out, but the whole idea was very clever.
 Kate has also been working on finishing up projects...
 This one is almost done. It's such a good feeling to clean out and be able to use our old UFOs...
 Kate made this adorable I Spy quilt for a friends baby...Her friend got to choose the centers for each fun is that!
 The quilt was backed with that ultra soft, stretchy fabric...think it's called minky...Kate quilted this on a long arm...said it was a bear to quilt because it was so stretchy but it looked perfect and ohhhh so soft!
 Marene Parsons, our newest member wowed us with the quilt she made as a hostess gift. Her colors were yummy and my favorite colors...
with beautiful quilting. A lucky lady who gets this. Well, this wonderful group I'm a part of has once again put me to shame....They are so prolific..I have to have a dose of whatever they are taking.
Til next time.

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  1. What a great, talented group of ladies!! Fun seeing this show and tell from my chair!