Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Kokopelli Maze" Finished!

I started this piece ages ago as a winter project...even posted the beginnings of it and then I lost it!! Yes, I lost it...couldn't find it anywhere and thought I was going crazy. I had cleaned up my studio and folded this piece with back side out. It was nudged between other fabric and having forgotten what the backing looked like, it was just another piece of fabric to me. 
 So there you up and reorganizing once again, I found it. So maybe it was a Freudian slip as I was never quite sure how I felt about this piece... but now I had to finish it.
 So I sashed it in a dark brown batik solid..

and decided on a geometric type of design for quilting. I used Georgia Bonesteels wonderful GridGrip freezer paper to iron on and quilt around. It can be used and repositioned many times before losing its ability to "stick".
The quilting was done with a goldish rayon decorative thread and threads pulled to the other side. 
 I also wanted another image to use here and there and thought this worked well with the overall feel of the quilt.
So it's done and this time it will not go missing!


  1. How funny Judy…..glad you found the piece….the end results is just right….love how the yellow sparkes.

  2. Heureusement que vous l'avez retrouvé , j'aime de plus en plus les bruns!!!

  3. I'm unfamiliar with grid grip freezer paper. Would I be correct in assuming it is no different from freezer paper on a roll, except it has a graph paper grid on the dull side?

    Mary is so right, the yellow gives the piece glow. It feels as though the scene is being played out by a campfire.

    1. Hi Gwyned...yes..this Gridgrip is a freezer paper with the graph paper on the dull well for cutting accuracy..Like the "campfire" to see how others view your work...

  4. This is beautiful. I'm glad you found it :)

  5. FMQ around freezer paper! Palm on hand impacts middle of forehead. What a fantastic idea!