Thursday, February 23, 2017

"Passing Thru"

So I've had this piece of fabric on my wall for a while and always a conundrum as to what to do with deconstructive screen printed fabric?...but for this piece, I did find a solution. 
 It is very busy but thought I might try printing on top ...running it through an ink jet printer. What do I have to lose. Right?

I found these 2 images in my picture file and thought they might work together as a layered image, so into my photo editing program to manipulate and make adjustments. I printed the layered image on the deconstructive piece of fabric and Voila!

 I love layering photos as it's always a surprise...sometimes good and sometimes not so good but in this case, I think pretty good. I did flip the trestle as perhaps you can see, like it better that way.

 I loved the gold and wanted to pull that in...along with blue. I had more blue deconstructive fabric which worked well. The tree on the side is silk screened onto the fabric and covered with organza to tone it down....but not sure I should keep it there..
 A piece of fabric from my Stonehenge collection seems to work better on the left....
 and the tree works better on top as a frame.
 It was an afterthought to wrap this piece around stretcher bars rather than bind or face the edge. So when quilting it, I used a soil separator cloth, rather than a fabric...on the back. Soil separator cloth is similar to pattern duplicating material only less expensive. I get it at home improvement stores in the plumbing department...used to line large outdoor pipes. So back on track, I needed to add pieces to the edge for wrapping around the bars.
 I assembled the stretcher bars, made sure they were squared up and started pulling the quilt to the back. Using an electric staple gun, I added 1 staple in the middle on each side, turned, added a staple etc. while constantly checking the front.
 This is the way it looked on the side.
 The back was finished with a piece of muslin, silk screened with trees and then picture frame wire added for hanging. This is one of my Haiku pieces.

                                                          I did do some discharge using a screen with writing (a recipe written by my grandmother), also some screened trees and metallic gold decorative couching thread in the ditch which is obvious when you turn the piece a certain way.


  1. MASTERFUL!!! I just love this one…..

  2. Wow great! i loved it that you laid out the creative process so we know how you got to where you went.

  3. A very intriguing piece. I want to spend time with it. Love what the tan sashing does for the rest of the piece.

  4. This really is stunning and I enjoyed seeing your process.

  5. This is fantastic!! Wonderful!! Thanks for showing different steps with photos. I just rec'd Wen Reldmond's 'Digital Fiber Art' book. Your process shows me this book just might be a good starting point for me to learn.

  6. I love Wen Redmonds work; I have her video on holistic printing which is excellent so am thinking her book is probably great also.....