Friday, September 8, 2017

Gnarled Tree

I finished this piece a short time ago and now it's a perfect opportunity to share studio time right is filled with stuff due to our painting project.
 I started with one of my photographs - some roots and vines. I then printed it on fabric which then hung on my design wall for ages. It was to be a small piece with this as the focal point. I thought it needed an overlay of a silk screen to make it more dimensional.
 I framed it out with fabric to get a feel for the piece.
 I thought this was a good color to pull out the subtle peachy rust color in the vines.

Whenever I make a silk screen, I also screen it on top on clear plastic which becomes a design tool. On the left is an example of a tree on the clear plastic. I can then lay it over areas to see how it will work. 
 This grouping of trees I photographed along the Blue Ridge parkway and made into a screen.
 Just too heavy for the vines.
 Next I tried this one and it was way too busy - covered up most of the digital print.

And this one...I like but still too much ...

This is my favorite silk screen...the tree is not solid so a good deal of the design allows the background to show through. I screened more rocks on the bottom and right side and quilted it following the lines. Thistles were screened along the the finished piece - "Gnarled Tree".


  1. Terrific piece, thanks for showing us your auditioning process.

  2. And you just so nonchalantly mention screening onto the plastic to use as a design tool--as if it weren't the best tip I've heard in YEARS!! You are so clever. Thanks!