Friday, September 1, 2017

But on another note.......

Well, we've taken on a huge project...after 11 years in our home, we felt it needed some fresh new walls. So the plan is the laundry room, pantry and kitchen before room, front hall afterwards. Deciding on a paint color has always been agonizing for me...what looks good on a chip doesn't relate on a 10 samples later, along with mixing my own, I think I came up with something I like... In the meantime, it's emptying out those parts of the house and what better place to dump stuff than my studio...Yikes!!...
 So I'm sky-high in stuff....not much creating going on in the near you can see, every empty space is filled....Now where did my sewing machine go?

 We brought in extra tables to pile stuff on and the overload...
 went into the dining room.
 What a mess...but on another note...
 my good pal Mary and I (we share a booth at Woolworth Walk) decided to do a little spring cleaning and add some autumn related fiber art to the walls.
 We're hoping all the leaf peepers that Asheville is well known for will pay a visit to our booth.
 Lots of new inventory in the way of wall hangings, scarves and cards...
and Mary's wonderful felted items as well. Stop on by if you're in the area. Woolworth is in the center of downtown Asheville, NC and just a fun place to visit.


  1. Beautiful display of your and Mary's Art

  2. Oh Judy….I sure don’t envy you……here’s hoping you can find ‘the right’ color paint…….we quilters tend to be fussier than most when it comes to color!! Anxious to hear about your progress…..I know it will be super when you finish.

  3. Painting or remodeling is so hard on us, isn't it! but the end result is pure pleasure. We agreed on paint color for our house! WHITE! All walls are white...have bee since we built the house in '96! We've had it repainted...white of course! HA...we do have oak trim around windows, tub and wood floor....but saves when we need a retouch...I'm heck on the walls using my vacuum! HA