Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fiber Junkies - Down the Rabbit Hole

Fiber Junkies had its first meeting of the New Year at my house last week....We planned to experiment with foiling but first we had a small but spectacular Show and Tell.

Kate and Denny have been making a quilt designed by Bonnie Hunter  - way above my piecing abilities...
Denny has been challenging herself to recycle quilts she no longer wants or uses. She came up with the idea to make large hot plates out of worn quilts. These are not only wonderful to look at but they are so functional and work well under large dishes - Clever Denny!
Mary's new piece is lovely, striking and so unique as is everything she does.
But we all literally had our socks knocked off when Denny pulled out her latest piece she's been working on for a long time - Down the Rabbit Hole. First of all, it's huge, loaded with color and a  feast for the eyes.
I tried to pick a favorite part (games I often play) but just too many came to mind.
I've always loved houses, especially the more whimsical ones so these tickled my fancy....
I really love the "running rabbits" - kind of reminds me of the ones in Watership Down, first thing I thought of when I saw them. After this wonderful display of talent it was off to the studio to play and get messy... more to follow.

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  1. WOW..not much more you can say on Denny's quilt! Love the other show and tell a well much going on in that quilt! Wonderful!